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Welcome to Grace

Stephen and Sam are delighted to let everyone know about the birth of their first baby on 4th May.

Grace was born in Doncaster hospital at 6.50pm. She weighed in at a healthy 8lbs exactly. For the statisticians, the other vital statistics were length 51cms, circumference 35cms. That's the last time she will want her circumference publicised.

By fortunate chance, the paternal grandparents, Roy and Deb, were in Doncaster visiting Steve and Sam at the time. Nannie-to-be took Sam to the hospital after Steve raised the alarm at about ten to six. The baby was born about an hour later. Fine timing Steve. Timing like that is how he manages to get his beef cooked to perfection.

Just to prove she is a real baby, Grace did a demonstration of what babies do best. No - crying.
Proud parents had the nursery ready at home, The Wheatley hotel, where Steve and Sam were the Managers and licensees. A fortnight off together helped Steve and Sam realise it really is true. Steve doesn't quite seems to believe it. Yes, Steve, she is real..............

................. as mum
knows only too well

Here is Grace at three months



.........and how they grow!


and at 1 year  

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