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Family Trees

The family trees have all been updated, expanded and redrawn. A new tree takes the family name back to about 1300, although there is no obvious link point between that tree and the main tree that runs from about 1550 onwards.

The main family tree follows seventeen generations from about 1550 to 2004. As the complete paternal-line main tree is rather large, it is also shown in four parts which can be looked at or downloaded separately. Each file is quite big and may take several minutes to download at standard modem speeds.

There is an index with links to the trees in the chart at the end of this page.

A note about registrations and the dates of events
There was no compulsory registration of births, deaths or marriages until 1538. In 1538 (during the reign of Henry VIII) Thomas Cromwell ordered every parish in England and Wales to keep a register of every baptism, marriage and burial.

Baptisms could take place some while after birth, so baptism dates are not necessarily an indication of birth date.

Civil registration did not begin until 1837, when the registration changed to births, marriages and deaths. That is why many of the events in the trees are baptisms and burials before 1837, rather than births and deaths. There were no penalties for failing to register until 1875 and there are consequently some gaps in civil registrations between 1837 and 1875.

A note about dates
Before 1582 the church determined the calendar and the church (ecclesiastical) year started on 25th March. So, for example, 31st December 1500 was followed by 1st January 1500, but the day after 24th March 1500 was 25th March 1501.

From 1582 there was a new style of year that started on 1st January. However, this new style January - December year was not adopted by the church in England until 1752. As a result, during the interim 170 years (between 1582 and 1752) the church and new style years were out of kilter. Dates during this period are often recorded as (for example) 1601/1602, being the ecclesiastical / newstyle alternatives.

Although both dates are in our records, the computer program that was used to draw the family trees cannot handle this double dating, so the dates in the family trees as drawn may vary (by one) from the dates given in other sources.

All the information in the family trees is in public records. Nevertheless, we have tried not to publish information about living people who do not wish their details to be on the internet. The trees already exclude people who have asked that their details are not published. If information about you or your family is included and you would like it to be removed, please click here to tell us and we will make the changes as quickly as possible.

We are very grateful to Jane Tytherleigh, Pat Tytherleigh, Jo Trafford-Owen, Peter Fisher, Robert Titherley and Pam Titherley for information about the earlier generations.

What the colours in the family trees mean

Family tree
(Click an entry in this column to see that tree)
Early tree
Paternal line from Athelwoldus
around 1300 - 1600
Sixteen generations from about 1300 to about 1600.
Derived from the account of the descendants of Athelwoldus de Tytherleigh following of the Visitation of the Heralds in about 1620.
Main tree
Paternal line from William
around 1550 - 2004
Seventeen generations from about 1550 to 2004.
The descendants of William Titherly (b. 1550) and their spouses.
As the tree is large, it is also presented in four parts (below) to make downloading quicker and easier if you do not need to see the whole tree.
Main tree part 1
Eight generations from about 1550 to about 1750,
Descendants of William Titherly following the paternal line.
Main tree part 2
Seven generations from about 1750 to the early 20th century.
Descendants of Philip Crispin Titherly and Patience Gandy. Picks up where part 1 left off, taking the tree a further five generations to the early 20th century
Main tree part 3
Four generations from the early 20th century to date
Descendants of Walter Alfred Titherly and Frances Maud Eason. Picks up from the main tree part 2 and takes one line a further four generations to 2004.
Main tree part 4
Four generations from early 20th century to date
Descendants of Harold Alfred Titherly (b. 1923) and Muriel Hirst. Picks up from the main tree part 2 and takes one line a further four generations to 2004.
Maternal line to spouse of
Walter Alfred Titherly
around 1800 - 1900
Descendants of James and Mary Sharp following the maternal line from about 1800 until the early 20th century to Fances Eason, wife of Walter Alfred Titherly and links into the main tree, parts 2 and 3

Tytherleigh family tree
1719 - 20th century

Descendants of Robert Tytherleigh (b. 1719) and Elizabeth. Seven generations from 1719 until the late 20th century.

We welcome any corrections, additions or any other information about any family trees in any of the Titherly / Titherley / Tytherleigh / Tytherley or other spelling variations. Please click here to send information .

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